Expense Reporting Integration With Accounting Software

3 Benefits of an Expense Reporting Integration With Accounting Software

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3 Benefits of an Expense Reporting Integration

With Accounting Soft3 Benefits of an Expense Reporting Integration With Accounting Softwareware

Everyone working with expense reporting knows how much of a hassle it can be and wishes there was an easy expense reporting integration with accounting software to save time and headaches. Luckily, there’s a solution to eliminate the need to manually export or import files and reduce the reliance on data entry from an expense report platform into the chosen account system, providing a seamless experience for everyone involved.

ExpensePoint is an expense reporting system that finally puts more control in the hands of the user. Our expense management integration with accounting software includes integration with Xero Accounting, QuickBooks Online, and Freshbooks. ExpensePoint gets along with everyone, collaborating with the tools and workflows clients are accustomed to. 

The outcome: ExpensePoint makes reporting more efficient and hassle-free!

1. Less Work and Effort

Our expense reporting software integration eliminates the time-consuming process of manual data entry from an expense reporting platform to the chosen account system. 

Rather than physically inputting data into Quickbooks Online, Xero Accounting, or Freshbooks, ExpensePoint allows clients to set up the system and leave it to do its work. After setting up, a closed loop is made between the expense and accounting system. 

What’s even more, setup and training for staff and system administrators are free!

2. Improving Functionality

The ExpensePoint management and reporting software boost functionality for various aspects of expense reporting, including data entry and processing. 

With our expense management software integration, ExpensePoint works with the abovementioned software and integrates with nearly 2,000 other applications! Expense reports can be created hassle-free through a user-friendly interface, while reports can be customized anytime. 

With admin features available to allow clients to add rules that provide policy guidance, expense reports can be created on the go without manually entering things. Integration also provides more insights and directly addresses the needs of accounting professionals and/or staffers trying to handle the complexities of expense reporting. 

3. Creating a More Trustworthy Process

Our expense reporting integration with accounting software is an all-in-one solution that affords a more cohesive process for reporting, leading to massively improved customer experiences. 

There is less risk of double data entry, less admin upkeep, and more streamlining during the reporting process with an integration solution leading the way. Day-to-day workloads are simplified, more flexible, and better configured, easing reporting burdens as the process is open and shut. The future of better expense reporting practices has arrived! 

Learn more about our reporting and management features and make easier expense reporting a point of emphasis today with ExpensePoint.



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