3 Reasons Web-Based Expense Software Helps

3 Reasons Web-Based Expense Software Helps

3 Reasons Web-Based Expense Software HelpsA completely paperless office isn’t just noble goal, it’s an increasingly easy possibility that makes life easier for a growing number of reasons. One way that paperless software is beating out the old paper trail is with web-based expense software, and the new format offers several improvements over the old ways.

1. Easy Template Creation

Spreadsheet software is a powerful tool, but it tends not to be the most user-friendly part of an office software suite. Word processors are easier to handle, but adding the tables you need for an expense report can be harder than it looks.

However, web-based expense software was designed from the ground up to create just the sort of templates you need for expense reports. Not only do you have several ready-made templates available, you can also design your own in a quick and easy process.

2. Fast And Simple Review And Approval

By using web-based expense software, employees who are out in the field spending the company’s money can send their reports in as often as they want or need to, and the company accountant will get these reports almost immediately. The company can then approve or disapprove of each item individually or check off the whole report in one go.

3. A Mobile Connection

These days, online expense software also comes with a mobile app that makes it even more convenient for business trips and other employees who need to move around a lot. These apps give them a seamless connection to the software and allow them to take pictures of their bills and receipts to attach and send along with the expense reports. This can save a lot of time and a lot of shelf space.

The employees going on trips aren’t the only ones who get to use the mobile app, either. Thanks to extra permissions assigned to his or her account, the person in charge of approving reports can see them, analyze them, and approve them without having to stop by the office first. If your company is constantly on the go with all hands on deck, having expense report software as mobile as you are is a real must-have.

Mobile technology and online software have made it much easier to run a completely paperless office, and for companies with a lot of business trips or other mobile expenses, web-based expense software has a lot to offer. If you still push around stacks of paper expense forms, you should seriously consider getting with the times.