4 Expense Management Software Features You Have To Have

4 Expense Management Software Features You Have To Have

4 Expense Management Software Features You Have To HaveToday, technology helps control a tremendous amount of business operations, from marketing plans to project management and beyond. However, expense management software remains one of the single most important tools you can have in your company – for many reasons. It can help boost productivity, reduce errors, and improve your bottom line as a whole.

But in order to streamline the process of managing expenses and get the best possible results from it, you’ll want to be sure that your expense management software has all of the features you need. While your company’s specific situation will have a big impact on exactly which features are the most important, just taking a look at some of the primary features can help ensure that you pick a program that offers you all you deserve.

With that in mind, here are 4 of the key expense management software features you don’t want to miss out on. Be sure your program offers them in order to ensure you’re getting everything you should from your investment.

  • Online And Mobile Access – This is the foundation of any good program. You want to ensure that your team can utilize the program through their laptop computers and their mobile devices. Not only does this open up numerous features you couldn’t access otherwise, but it improves functionality and reduces errors as well by making it easier for your team to manage expenses effectively.
  • Receipt Imaging – This is an extension of mobile access, and is one of the most important features to find in any expense management software program. By allowing your team to photograph and upload their receipts right into the system with their mobile phones, it reduces errors and fraud, improves accuracy, and boosts productivity dramatically.
  • Data Reports – Some companies ignore this feature, but you should never make that mistake. Used correctly they can directly impact your company’s performance by allowing you to see where spending is too heavy and where it offers better returns on your investment. As a result, it is one of the most important features available to any company today.
  • Credit Card Integration – Credit card integration is a feature that directly improves the automation of a program by allowing you to link up your credit card accounts with your expense reports. This means that the two accounts are connected, with little chance of errors and mistakes. Not only does it improve accuracy, but it can help boost productivity as well.

These are just four of the key features to look for in expense management software, but they’re four of the most important. Look at the full feature list of a program in order to ensure that it is able to offer you everything you need.