A Corporate Traveler's Newest Perk! - Expense Report Automation

A Corporate Traveler’s Newest Perk! – Expense Report Automation

ExpensePoint’s online expense report software makes expense reporting easy and the great news is that it fits any size company and budget.

expensepoint ExpensePoint is an online expense report software solution that allows organizations around the world to fully automate the employee expense report process.

“Not only does ExpensePoint streamline the very tedious task of filing travel expense reports, but it also allows companies to drastically reduce the high processing costs associated with the expense report process” explains ExpensePoint Director of Global Sales, Paul Ansloos. “The other great thing about ExpensePoint is that you don’t have to have a fortune 500 company budget in order to invest in this kind of a solution”

ExpensePoint is priced for every size corporation, so any company who wants to have an online expense report process now has ability to do so. Whether you have 10 traveling employees or thousands, ExpensePoint is scalable and can easily manage your entire expense report process. The best news is it will your save your company valuable productivity, time and money.

This new paperless process allows employees to submit expense reports from anywhere around the globe, and gives approvers the ability to review employee expense reports live and approve them within seconds of employees filing them.

ExpensePoint is deployed to thousands of users in over 54 countries. You can automate your expense report process by going to www.expensepoint.com