A Lesson In Uncovering Corruption

A Lesson In Uncovering Corruption

A Lesson In Uncovering CorruptionThe Canadian government is feeling a bit of upheaval on various fronts, although the issue of improper spending and poor expense report management is one of the prime concerns, for both public officials and the overall population. Part of the reason for this feeling is the sense that the deeper the evaluation of fiscal habits goes, the greater the deficit that is both uncovered and incurred.

Past Infractions And Costs

The initial focus of the Auditor General did lead to definite signs of unethical spending practices from individual senators, as well as a lack of expense report management for the Senate as a whole. While the outcome originally did lead to significant fining, and an increased look into the habits of all the politicians, it has also led to disputes and questions about the proposal to not only seek reform, but also engage in more in depth investigations of government expense report management.

The obvious concern for citizens is the cost of an ongoing audit of the House of Commons, with the current price tag on this endeavour at over $ 23 million. Interestingly, the Auditor General also made a strongly active push for greater oversight in expense report management by definitively outlining the rationale for this expenditure for reform.

What should be most notable in this situation, is that transparency for spending, clearly defined parameters for practice, and actual accountability for the use funds in seeking a positive outcome are also teachables for the proposed reform with House spending and proper expense report management. While this should set the guidelines for best practices moving forward, the goals is also to make that resources of money and time are best used to serve the public.


Taking A Look At Productivity

Although the intent of current affairs is not to set government into chaos, but rather to streamline it for better function, part of the reform transition will need to include means for easy expense report management that does not further impede how well government serves the people. This can include the use of better automation software that allows for multiple evaluations of expenses before approval, but it can also mean expense report management that is guided by transparency and monitored through integrated channels.