Accountants Wield The Ultimate Power

Accountants Wield The Ultimate Power

Accountants Wield The Ultimate PowerMost people don’t look at the accounting profession as a very exciting one. The outside world sees a person who pours over numbers all day long. And not many people are excited by math. But the accountant holds a very important function within a company. They are the gatekeepers to employees expenses. They have final decisions as to whether or not an employee will be reimbursed for spending money during business trips, meetings and conferences. The accountant has the final say when it comes to expense reports.

Most people don’t realize that expense reports go through multiple people before getting the final approval from accounting. The report is generated, sent off, approved, sent off, approved, sent off and then finally approved by accounting. It is essential to have effective communication every step of the way during this process.

Expense reports can be generated easily using a software program. The program automatically divides all the expenses up into categories. The approver and accounting can go through each report line by line, look at the report in a printable PDF, print the PDF or look at the summary of the report.

Approvers go through each expense and approve or deny an expense based on the merits of the expenditure. They then notify the employee and accounting through the system as to whether or not each expense is approved. Rejected expenses may be sent back to the employee or they may be sent forward to accounting for the final word. Each decision can be accompanied by an email type message for effective communication.

Without the software, communication between offices could break down. The employee or accounting may be confused as to which expense is being referenced with each communication. But the software eliminates confusion and makes each communication very clear. This streamlines and expedites the accountants final approval or rejection.