Approving Reports Can Also Happen On The Go

Approving Reports Can Also Happen On The Go

Approving Reports Can Also Happen On The GoThe ability to file an expense report from a mobile device has pretty obvious advantages for the employee that’s traveling. It means a big reduction in bureaucratic activity, because an expense report for a specific transaction can be created right on the spot, and it only takes a few minutes. Just note the expense, take a picture of the receipt as documented proof and send it off. It’s easy, and it means not having to spend a huge chunk of time after the trip is over, righting a report from the ground up.

But there’s something to be said for the other side of this equation; reviewing and approving expense reports. And this is something that can go mobile as well.

It Works Both Ways

Scalability and accessibility are the watchwords of modern software. This means that using the software when you need to isn’t confined to just one device. This also includes the approval system. In the same way that people traveling can use their phones or tablets to create expense reports, this same convenience is extended to the people that need to review and approve reports.

With the proper settings in place, a person can even receive automatic notification of a new transaction, such as an expenditure or use of a company credit card, and simply pull out a phone, use the web-based app to quickly assess the expense and, if everything is fine, approve and move on. This means that rather than have to wait ‘till the next office day to review all the expenses that have come, a person, if they so desire, can just take a few seconds to consult expenses as they come, quickly approve them or even flag or decline certain expenditures so that they know what to address for the next business day.

This is a perfect to way to prevent work from needlessly piling up the next day, while not necessarily letting it get in the way of what you’re doing right at that moment. It’s a great combination of convenience and efficiency that doesn’t take up too much time.