Are You Harnessing The Power of Mobile Access In Expense Report Software

Are You Harnessing The Power of Mobile Access In Expense Report Software

Are You Harnessing The Power of Mobile Access In Expense Report SoftwareAsk any business leader who oversees a successful company that relies on travelling employees what’s important to their success, and you’ll probably get a lot of different answers. One that might surprise you but that likely come up frequently is how they manage their employee expenses. Good management of travel expenses translates to much better profits, less errors, reduced fraud, and better productivity. And using good expense report software is the key to that.

However, it’s important that you don’t just settle for any old expense report software option. Instead, make certain that you choose a program that offers you mobile access – and that once you have that mobile access, you make the most of it. 

Mobile access allows your team to use their mobile devices like smart phones or tablets to access the expense system. This has a tremendous immediate impact just by increasing accessibility for them – since your team likely already has a smart mobile device with them, it eliminates the need for them to boot up a laptop while on the go and find a Wi-Fi hotspot. Instead, they can use the system whenever they have a mobile signal.

To get the most from your expense report software and its mobile access feature, you need to be sure that you check into the specific features it offers. For example, receipt imaging is a must. It lets your employees take a photograph of their receipts and digitally upload them into the system, then fill out the appropriate paperwork for it. This means no more tracking receipts and no more mistakes made during a form’s completion. 

And to add to the convenience, your home team can review expenses as they’re uploaded instead of waiting on the employee to return home from their trip with a huge mountain of paperwork. It helps everyone in your company who handles expense management do so with much greater ease. Simply put, your company deserves to have mobile access in its expense report software and as a result it’s important that you look for the right program and the right features. Just something this small could have a huge difference on your bottom line when you get right down to it.