Audit Your Enterprise To Ensure Mobile Access To Travel Expense Report Data

Audit Your Enterprise To Ensure Mobile Access To Travel Expense Report Data

Audit Your Enterprise To Ensure Mobile Access To Travel Expense Report DataMobile access is fast becoming one of the most important differentiators when it comes to all forms of software. In the future, as businesses become more virtual and distributed, it will be a prime factor in ensuring the highest levels of productivity — and expense report compliance.

If you want to ensure that your travel expense report regime is ready for the future, one of the most critical steps you can take today is to fully “audit” the level of mobile access that your enterprise offers for business travelers.

Questions To Ask Yourself About Your Level Of Mobile Access

When travel expense report data can be captured, disseminated, and audited through mobile platforms, it becomes easier to prevent mistakes that could cost millions of dollars. Ask yourself the following questions to ensure that you are ahead of the curve on reporting:

  1. Is Your Current Reporting Solution Cloud-Focused?
    Cloud computing means that the major resources of your enterprise should be available to anyone who has the authority to use them, virtually anywhere in the world. If your current solutions are local or regional, you may be leaving advantages on the table.
  2. Is Your Current Reporting Solution Platform-Neutral?
    If your reporting solution relies too heavily on proprietary solutions, favouring Macintosh, Android, Blackberry, or another approach, then you might make things more difficult for users of other hardware. The best possible solution is responsive to the user.
  3. Does Your Current Solution Provide Robust Controls For Sensitive Data?
    Controls are critical when it comes to financial data. Even the most “innocuous” financial data can seriously impede your enterprise’s functions if it is compromised in any way. Closing the gaps in security that allow ex-employees in is just as important as fending off hackers.

If your level of mobile access isn’t where you’d like it to be, appropriate software can help you revitalise your reporting standards. Keep the points above in mind as you consider the options available to you and seek one that is truly scalable.

When Is Mobile Access Going To Be Critical To Your Enterprise? The Answer Is Now

In the near future, mobile access may become the way that the majority of employees reach the core of the enterprise. This will especially be the case for employees who are concerned with expense report compliance.

Getting strong policies in place today will make tomorrow that much easier, so start now.