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ExpensePoint Review

Reviewed on November 11, 2015 by Upul Weerasinghe, IT Manager at Crown Lift Trucks Ltd


Comments: ExpensePoint has been our product of choice for business expense management for almost 10 years and recent feature enhancements has enabled us to empower the end users with a simple, user-friendly tool to submit/process expenses with minimum manual data entry. The automation of digital statements directly of the credit card provider to ExpensePoint system alongside the new mobile App, mobile receipt capture and enhanced reporting has enabled true end to end solution

Great Program

Reviewed on March 31, 2015 by teresa smarsh at Sterisil


Comments: Easy to use platform with reliable, consistent service.

ExpensePoint has drastically improved our expense management process

Reviewed on April 01, 2015 by Chris Bates , Managing Director at EWAB Engineering Inc


Comments: Our existing manual expense reimbursement process was time consuming, open for errors and required considerable administration. Our company was growing with staff in 4 different states and Mexico so we made the decision to move to a more automated method to submit, approve and process expenses.
We reviewed over 5 different options and made the decision to go with ExpensePoint. All aspects of the system are proving to be excellent. The user front end, the approval and payment process and the reports for financial administration are excellent and very flexible. Our remote users particularly like the smartphone app interface.
The ExpensePoint team have been an excellent resource and support through all stages of implementation. The helped set up the system and trained our users.
We are very happy with our new expense processing procedure which is based around ExpensePoint.

ExpensePoint is easy and efficient

Reviewed on April 22, 2015 by Bernard Natho , Logistic and Market Development Manager at Vet Brands International, Inc.


Comments: We have been using ExpensePoint for several years. Users are very pleased on the ease and simplicity of filling out expense reports. Getting new users setup on ExpensePoint has been very easy and the technical support when needed has always been very efficient and excellent. We have international people located outside of the US. Being able to fill out expense reports and sent to the office from anywhere has been really efficient. Also finance likes very much where receipts can be scanned and uploaded into the expense report. This allows paperless filling system.

Spectacular customer service

Reviewed on June 07, 2015 by Brian Scappaticci, President at Single Source Equipment.


Comments: I have the best customer service support from Theresa Hicock from day one. She walked me thru the basics and got me up to speed. Whenever I had an issues of needed to know how to do something, I was first of all able to reach her by phone [something very rare these days] and she quickly answered my questions!

Superior Support

Reviewed on August 31, 2015 by Gregory Weaver, VP, Human Resources at Aerodynamics


Comments: I recently took over the responsibilities of Expense Point for our business. Going in, I noticed a lack of structure on our part. Theresa Hicock exceeded all expectations and I do not believe I could have brought structure to our system without her help! She has always been easily accessible and I have never left a converstion without the issue being resolved! 5- Stars to her and the system!

ExpensePoint is very user friendly and simple to use

Reviewed on September 23, 2015 by Margaret Brown, Accountant at Custom Comfort Mattress


Comments: So far this has been a very big help to paying our employees. It has made my job that much easier and less to worry about when processing our employees expense reimbursements. All done by a click of a button. I am very pleased thus far with this program. A big thanks to Theresa Hicock for all the assistance she continues to give our company. She is always very courteous and willing to assistant no matter what the situation is. Thanks again

The best expense software, I have ever used

Reviewed on November 09, 2015 by Annemarie Paglia , Operation Manager at Oncam.


Comments: I am a huge fan of expense point. Finally, an expense report that goes where I go. Both personally as well as administratively.
ExpensePoint’s mobile app is great. No more loosing or forgetting receipts. I have it on my phone & can attach receipts to my expense reports by just taking a picture and uploading it. Honestly, it’s the easiest and most convenient expense software I’ve ever used and makes doing expenses less of an imposition.
The customer service representatives are like no other. They have always resolved every issue I have presented them. I walk away feeling like a pro.
Thanks Expense Point!

Travel Expense Management Uncovers Sabotage And Results In Hefty Fines

Travel Expense Management Uncovers Sabotage And Results In Hefty FinesMorgan Stanley, one of the most prominent financial firms, has become the focus of internal fraud over the past few years. For a company whose employees deal financial brokerage and accounting concerns, it appears surprising that manipulation of receipts and expenses could actually be seen as a means of making personal gains. Further, the lack of travel expense management that led to this theft also translates to possible losses for clients of the firm.

As the case unfolded, it was discovered that a veteran broker was falsifying travel receipts, with one restaurant reimbursement coming to over $4000 (US). Interestingly, the broker’s defence involved stating that he was entitled to the extra money for his years of service, and also that his manager approved the spending. From the higher corporate perspective, however, travel expense management is far more black and white in terms of validity.

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Expense Reporting Highlights Both Good And Bad Business Practices

Expense Reporting Highlights Both Good And Bad Business PracticesSmall businesses can seem easier to manage, with smaller personnel teams and different budgeting concerns from larger corporations. However, small businesses can also face challenges that larger companies have departments to handle. In regards to best business practices, expense reporting affords small businesses the ability to better oversee how the budget is being handled, and this informs the owner as to how to both grow and maintain the endeavour.

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Expense Reporting Software Saves Organizations, And Lives

Expense Reporting Software Saves Organizations, And LivesWhile all businesses benefit from accurate expense reporting, software programs that streamline the workflow are particularly important for establishments that utilize a number of third party vendors and contractors in order to operate. One of the places where this is especially noticeable is in care homes, assisted living facilities, and other live-in health services.

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Expense Software Cuts Costs And Recalculations

Expense Software Cuts Costs And RecalculationsBusiness travelers find themselves in a variety of different locations, which can range from another town to another country. Along with acclimating to new cultures and practices, there is also the need to contend with different currencies and types of tax. While this is obviously more common with global travel, even continental journeys pose accounting challenges. Features in expense software address these concerns from both the perspective of the traveler and of the financial office at home.

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