Automation Simplifies Everything

Automation Simplifies Everything

Automation Simplifies EverythingIn the business world, and many other aspects of professional life, there’s the old truism, “KISS” or “Keep it simple, stupid.” It may be an informal way of saying it, but the basic lesson here is that things can be done better and faster when they are simpler. A perfect example of this is the old urban myth about how NASA and the old Soviet Union space agency approached the problem of writing in zero gravity.

NASA spent a significant amount of tax payer money and a lot of time on research and development, testing prototype after prototype until finally, at great time and expense, they eventually perfected a ball point pen that could move ink even under zero gravity.

Russia used a pencil.

In the same way, the process of reporting expense can be a long, drawn out, complicated process that requires a lot of time, training and expense on the part of everyone; employees, accounting and finance departments in a company.
Or an automated expense report software system can be used and make the task much easier and more efficient for everyone.

With automated expense report software, the forms, categories, credit card transactions and even images of receipts can all be embedded in easy to use software that is just as at home on a phone as it is on an office computer. With the centralization of information online, expense reports can be made as they happen rather than all at once at the end of a trip. And with the analytical functions of software like ExpensePoint, finance and accounting departments can get either general or granular information on how travel expenses are used in the company for a better understanding of a company’s financial activity.

By automating many of the processes, this takes many necessary activities off the shoulders of people that are qualified to do other things, and lets them do their job. Even out of policy transactions can be automatically flagged by the system to alert the relevant staff, and ensure that no one needs to spend valuable time simply as a “watchdog” to oversee financial activity.

By making everything simpler and easier to do, automated expense report software allows people to do a more accurate job of expense reporting in less time. It gives accounts and finance departments easy access to online information and it means that staff do an overall better job both at their actual duties and with the necessary accounting procedures required for proper expense report documentation. And that benefits everyone.