Be A Nimble Business

Be A Nimble Business

Be A Nimble BusinessIf you’re a small business, or your business is growing at a rapid pace, chances are you and your employees wear several hats both in and out of the office. The person who needs to approve the expense reports may be the one going on the business trips. Expense reports aren’t fun, but they still need to be processed quickly and efficiently for a business to operate.

Manual expense reports are not nimble. Employees need to keep track of voluminous receipts and invoices, fill out long paper reports by hand, and physically submit them to accounting departments.

Accounting departments need to review bulky reports and manually input the information into book-keeping software. Finance departments need to manually input the information into spreadsheets and databases to perform analytics. The constant manual copying of data also results in transcription errors.

Mobility Is Key

Automated expense report software can alleviate many of the problems, but in an environment as busy and hectic as yours, mobility is the key. Your business isn’t tied to a desktop, and you shouldn’t be either. Good automated expense report software should include mobile applications as powerful and versatile as the desktop experience. What does this mean?

Your approvers should be able to do the same things from their mobile devices as they can from a desktop or web application:

  • Reviewing receipt images
  • Reviewing and approving or declining expenses item-by-item
  • Leaving comments on expense reports
  • View graphical or statistical representations of expense data

By giving your approvers (or yourself) mobile access to the same tools they would have at their desktop, they can keep your expense reports moving smoothly, even when they’re not in the office. No wasted time, no wasted money.

An added benefit of an automated expense report system with mobile access is that employees can file expense reports directly from their mobile phones as the expenses are incurred, making it easy for employees to file accurate and timely expense reports.

If you want a nimble company that can adapt to rapid growth or globe-trotting employees and management, automated expense report software with a strong suite of mobile applications will keep your business running smoothly.