A Beginners Guide To Receipt Imaging In Expense Claim Software

A Beginners Guide To Receipt Imaging In Expense Claim Software

A Beginners Guide To Receipt Imaging In Expense Claim Software Today’s expense claim software has become instrumental in making it easier for businesses to oversee their employee travel expenses and move their bottom line forwards in meaningful ways. However, to get the best results from a program you need to ensure that it has all the features you need and that you know how to use those features to their fullest. One of the most important features you can have is that of receipt imaging.

In fact, this one feature can make such a tremendous impact on your expense management efforts that you shouldn’t choose an expense claim software option without it available as part of its features suite. Taking a look at it more closely can help you understand more about it.

What Is Receipt Imaging?

Receipt imaging is nothing more than a feature that allows users to photograph a receipt with their smartphone or tablet and then upload that receipt into the expense system digitally. Users will be able to photograph the receipt, fill out any applicable expense claim forms, and submit everything from wherever they are.

Then, your at-home team will be able to instantly receive the claim and the receipt image and approve or deny it accordingly. There is no need to manage the paper receipt any further, and a large part of the process can even be automated.

The Big Benefits Of Receipt Imaging

So why is this such an important feature to have in expense claim software? There are several key reasons including:

  • Less hassle for your team that is on the go as well as your at home team.
  • No paper receipts means better accuracy in the reporting.
  • Your employees can focus on boosting productivity instead of on managing the paper trail.
  • Better compliance
  • Improved profits
  • Easier archiving and retrieval of expense info in the future

In other words, receipt imaging lets you improve productivity, increase accuracy, reduce fraud, and improve the overall morale of your team. This can lead to big changes in your business and ensure that you’re able to move towards your overall goals even more effectively.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is simple – if you’re interested in getting more from the way that you manage your employee travel expenses, investing in expense claim software that features receipt imaging is one of the single most important steps you can take. It’s a move you won’t regret making.