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How An Expense Reporting App Can Simplify Expense Management

The reason that expense reporting apps are so important is easy to understand – they offer several tools that streamline the entire process. In doing so, they help offer a wide range of benefits to your employees and your company. Here are some of the main challenges they can help you overcome.

  • Organization – One of the biggest challenges that employees face when on the road is that of organization. Keeping track of things like receipts, invoices, and expense reports can be one of the most difficult processes involved in expense management. And when the employees return home, you’ll still have to process all of that paperwork. A good expense reporting app can digitize most of the process and make it much easier for you and your employees to handle things.
  • Calculations – Let’s face it, even if you’re good at math the odds are that you don’t enjoy handling large calculations constantly. Expense reporting apps take away most of the challenge and let you handle things like currency conversion, interest adjustments, tax information, and more automatically. There’s no need to worry about mistakes or about spending hours calculating things when a program handles the process for you.
  • Compliance – Another part of expense management is making sure that you stay on the right side of compliance regulations. Taxes, income info, and much more are all important parts of the process, and take careful attention to stay legal. But a good expense reporting app will handle the process for you. This makes it easier to keep compliant.

All in all, it really comes down to one basic thing – boosting productivity. A good expense reporting app will help take a lot of the workload off your shoulders where expense management is concerned – and off the shoulders of your employees.

What Are The Benefits Of Expense Report Apps

Expense reporting apps are just what they sound like – an extension of a software service that can be used on mobile devices like phones or tablets. A good program will allow users to upload expenses while on the go and allow for instant viewing of those expenses by the manager or owner of the company. So just what are the benefits of this? There are many, but taking a look at some of the big ones is well worth doing.

  • Less Stress – By allowing your employees to upload expenses as they incur them and by giving them tools like receipt imaging, you’re eliminating a huge amount of hassle from their shoulders. That elimination of hassle means a reduction of stress, too.
  • Fewer Mistakes – Mistakes happen, but when they happen with your expense reports they can be costly. Whether it’s a simple addition mistake, an expense that isn’t actually allowed, or something else entirely, the costs can add up quickly. Using a mobile expense report app helps reduce the frequency and likelihood of mistakes.
  • Better Tracking – You can also monitor the expenses an employee racks up while on the go. Since you can see each expense as they occur, you’ll be able to instantly approve or deny them, and keep an eye on their spending. This makes it much easier to keep your employee business trips moving the right way.
  • Better Profits – It all really comes down to profit, and using a mobile app for your expense reporting efforts can help boost your bottom line. Through all of the different benefits above and the ability to improve the efficiency of your employees while they’re on the road, you’ll see an increase in your profits.

The key to getting the most from the mobile expense report app is the same as with any other expense program – look at the features. Good features include things like credit card account integration, receipt imaging, currency conversion, and more. Once you find the programs that do these things for you, you’ll know that you have found the right app for your needs. Implement it into your expense tracking process and you’ll experience the benefits above for yourself.

Why Expense Report App Is Vital To Your Company

That’s a big point worth paying attention to – that there’s a difference between a mobile expense report app and the kind of software programs that most businesses already use. Mobile apps can take the benefits provided by automation software and enhance them even further. Here’s a look at some of the benefits offered by these apps.

  • Usability – For starters, just think about how many of your employees use smartphones or tablet devices regularly. They’re so common that it’s hard to imagine operating without them. That means that your team already has the tools they need to connect to the expense report app, anywhere they are. You don’t have to invest in new hardware or software.
  • More features – Expense report apps come with extra features, and the most notable is receipt scanning. By letting employees photograph their receipts and upload them into the system, these mobile apps remove the need to keep track of dozens of paper receipts. This helps reduce errors, cut down on fraud, and reduce the amount of stress and hassle on your employees.
  • Mobility – Good expense report app means that you can keep up with your employees’ spending while they’re on the go. You don’t have huge amounts of paperwork or data to pour over when a business trip ends since you’ve been tracking it throughout the duration of the trip itself.
  • Versatility – Apps today actually can link with primary programs, which means that your entire expense management system will be running as one. The key is choosing a program that offers mobile functionality. Once you do that, you’ll be connecting your team to the system and providing a big boost to morale, productivity, and your company’s profit.

Your team is already relying on mobile devices to handle a wide range of their other responsibilities. Why wouldn’t you take the next logical step and help them manage expense reports more easily as well? A good expense report app offers a lot of benefits, and it’s something that any company should consider adding to its resource pool.


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