Best Features To Look For In Free Expense Tracking Software

Best Features To Look For In Free Expense Tracking Software

Best Features To Look For In Free Expense Tracking Software When you’re looking for free expense tracking software for your company’s employee expenses, it can be easy to assume that you’re going to have to settle for a sub-par program. But the reality is that today, many of the best software solutions have switched to a free model – you’ll pay nothing up front for the program and will instead pay a monthly fee for using the program. This way, you can scale the program and the price based on your specific needs.

Those needs will have a lot to do with which features you should look for when you’re selecting a free expense tracking software program for your business. There are numerous features out there, and taking a look at some of the best ones is the easiest way to figure out exactly what it is you’re looking for in your software.

Here are some of the best features you’ll find when choosing free expense tracking software.

  • Mobile Access – By offering you mobile access, a program will allow your employees to connect to the system from their phones or tablet devices. This adds a huge layer of convenience to the process and allows them to easily manage expenses while on the go.
  • Receipt Imaging – This feature lets employees scan or photograph receipts and upload them into the system. This eliminates the need to keep track of dozens of receipts, improves accuracy and compliance, and increases their productivity.
  • Automated Conversion – If your team travels abroad for work, the currency conversions could be an issue between countries. Good software will handle the process of converting those figure for you, ensuring that things are handled accurately. This also helps adjust for sales taxes and other tax related issues that can be present in other countries.
  • Credit Card Integration – By allowing you to attach your credit card accounts to the system, the best programs simplify the approval process tremendously. You can easily approve and review different charges without having to go through a huge process of obtaining credit card statements.
  • Data Reporting – When you can get quick data reports from your software, you can use the information to develop solid business plans, policies, and strategies. Finding a program that gives you multiple reports is a good idea.

These are just some of the key features you’ll want to look for when finding your free expense tracking software. There are others, but the ones listed above are some of the most important things to have in a system.