BYOD Is The Future Of Business

BYOD Is The Future Of Business

BYOD Is The Future Of BusinessOne of the most unexpected developments of the new millennium is the advances we’ve experienced in computing technology. Now, deep into the “teens,” of the 21st century, we can see how wrong we were about the future involving better mechanical devices like flying cars, jetpacks and rockets to other worlds. All the real advances have come to computational devices, both in power and mobility.

It’s hard to think in these terms, because the average American now takes it for granted, but a typical smartphone is capable of allow you to contact anyone with access to a telephone or the Internet, through voice, text, video chat, or messages left on social media. That same device, by accessing the Internet, is able to allow anyone full access to all the maps and all the encyclopedic knowledge of the world. Just 30 years ago, that kind of technical access was science fiction, but today, it’s something everyone carries in their pocket.

This why we’ve entered the BYOD mindset of the modern workplace, or “Bring Your Own Device,” and there are many good reasons for incorporating this practice. This is especially true when it comes to expense report software.

Most People Have One

One of the big reasons for the BYOD practice in many workplaces now is simple ubiquity; almost everyone now has their own smartphone and relies on it for much of their daily activity. This is a great boon to companies, because smartphones, while indispensable, are still not cheap, and if everyone already has one of these powerful devices, why go to the trouble of securing one to use for work purposes when they already have a device they’re familiar with and know how to use?

This is simply being efficient and taking advantage of a phenomenon that is already there and unavoidable. If your office were situated next to a river with clear, sparkling water that had therapeutic properties, you’d want to take advantage of that somehow.

Apps Are Easy

Software design and user interface have had a few decades to finally develop some good practices. This has meant that more people aren’t necessarily using computing devices because we’ve gotten smarter, so much as the devices have become simpler and easier to use.

With expense report software, like ExpensePoint, this is especially true. With a mobile version of the software designed specifically to take advantage of the technology at hand, making a report is easy. Just activating the app at the time of purchase allows an employee to record the expense, and the camera on the phone can even photograph the receipt as proof so no additional documents are required. If your employees have a company credit card to use, it’s even easier, as these transactions be automatically recorded and logged without the employee needing to do anything. Truly the best of both worlds in such a case.

If you want an easy, efficient way to let your employees accurately record their expenses, part of the solution is already right there, in your hands and theirs.