Centralized Expense Reports Mean No Repetition

Centralized Expense Reports Mean No Repetition

Centralized Expense Reports Mean No RepetitionIn today’s business world, there are essentially three ways to report expenses. The traditional method involves diligent gathering of all receipts, waiting until a business trip has been concluded, and then using a company form to fill out all the expenses, include receipts as proof of transaction and then submit the report.

Another, more modern way is to do the same thing with software, except that the software is either spreadsheet programs that are not dedicated to expense reports, or some other kind of software that is confined to one machine, and therefore requires either using a particular machine, or saving data on some other medium, bringing it along and making sure to re-integrate it when you use the software on another machine in order to complete your report.

And then there’s the most efficient way to report expenses, which is the way ExpensePoint does it.

Centralize Your Information

ExpensePoint is a multi-platform automated expense report software service. This means that our expense reporting software is on as many machines as you need it to be, and, not just a specific type of machine either. ExpensePoint can be installed on desk top computers, laptop computers and mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. But the biggest advantage of this is that ExpensePoint and all the expense report activities of the employees that use it, is centralized and stored not just on individual machines, but online as well.

The practical benefit of this is, you only ever have to report something once, and that saves significant periods of time.

For example, an employee can make a real time expense report while on the go during an actual business trip. By taking a photo of receipt for office supplies, and attaching that to the expense report made on the ExpensePoint app on a phone, that report is automatically saved on the ExpensePoint system and anyone within the financial department of the company can check and confirm it.

This means that when the business trip is over, that same employee, upon returning, does not have to perform any redundant activities like copying and pasting the expense report once more into a final report. There’s no need for a “final” expense report if the employee has been making note of every transaction as it happens, thanks to ExpensePoint’s ability to save the data as it happens.

This may seem like a small saving in time, but when combined over the course of a business year across multiple employees and multiple business trips, those minor savings pile up. Having to make a personal expense report, then having to make that report again at the conclusion of a business trip for the sake of official financial records is a drain on time. Automated expense report software dramatically streamlines this, by allowing any expense report made, as it happens, to be part of a final report that is safely stored online to check for accuracy and authenticity.

If your expense report method still has some extra steps in it that involve repetition, think about getting an automated expense report solution. You’ll save time and money.