A Closer Look At Receipt Imaging In Employee Travel Expense Management

A Closer Look At Receipt Imaging In Employee Travel Expense Management

A Closer Look At Receipt Imaging In Employee Travel Expense ManagementEmployee travel expense management is a huge process for many companies, and the more employees you have on the road the more difficult it can be. But using the right programs can certainly help make it a bit easier to do. However, many companies don’t fully understand just how important the right tools and features are in an employee travel expense management software solution.

A perfect example of this is receipt imaging, and it’s changing the world of employee travel expense management. With this feature, employees use their mobile device to snap an image of their business expense receipt. Then they upload it into the system, where it’s reviewed and verified.

This process can bring some significant and obvious benefits with it including the following.

  • For those on the go, receipt imaging eliminates the need to keep track of mountains of paper receipts. This helps improve productivity and lets them focus on their work instead of on where their forms and receipts are, boosting your bottom line as a whole.
  • The team who is responsible for managing expenses at the end of a trip have a reduced workload as well. Instead of having to sort through all those paper receipts and forms, they can quickly review expenses as they occur and approve or deny them.
  • You’ll notice reduced fraud and mistakes thanks to this feature as well. Since everything is easier to review and see as it occurs, accuracy is improved tremendously thanks to receipt imaging.
  • Real time uploading means that you can spot the different ways employees spend money on the road, which in turn can make it easier to adjust strategies if needed.
  • The process also helps improve your compliance. Not only is everything easier to track, but records are simple to retrieve and review as well. This makes certain that you aren’t left noncompliant without realizing it.

Receipt imaging is a key feature in today’s employee travel expense management programs. And since almost all business professionals now carry a mobile device with them at all times, connectivity is improved dramatically. They don’t have to use a laptop or go through other hassles. Simply put, it’s a feature you need to ensure your program has.