A Closer Look At Receipt Imaging In Travel Expense Software

A Closer Look At Receipt Imaging In Travel Expense Software

A Closer Look At Receipt Imaging In Travel Expense SoftwareToday, any company with traveling employees most likely already uses some kind of travel expense software to ensure that their expense reports are as accurate and as easy to manage as possible. But technology continues to evolve, and there are certain features that are available that might not be present in older systems. These features are well worth looking at, and one that you shouldn’t ignore is that of receipt imaging.

If you’re not completely clear on just what receipt imaging is, you owe it to yourself to understand more about it since it’s one of the best features available in today’s travel expense software.

Basically, receipt imaging allows users to photograph their receipts with their mobile devices and upload them directly into the expense management system. For example, an employee can photograph the receipt from a business lunch and instantly place it into the system. This eliminates the need to keep track of dozens of paper receipts when on the road, and cuts down on paperwork as well. In doing so, the feature helps eliminate a large amount of stress and hassle from a traveling employee’s day.

The benefits of receipt imaging are obvious. They include:

  • Less hassle for employees
  • Less work for those overseeing and approving expenses
  • Better accuracy
  • Better compliance
  • Less chance of fraud
  • Better productivity and efficiency
  • Easier archiving and filing
  • Increased profit

Of course, it only works with online travel expense software. Older, offline programs aren’t accessible from outside the office – and especially not from mobile devices. This is one more reason that making the move to online programs is a better option for any company.

In short, you owe it to yourself to take a closer look at receipt imaging and what it might offer you and your company. Give it the right attention and you may see why so many others have adopted it for their expense management systems.