Cloud Technology Provides Permanent, Global Access To Expense Report Data

Cloud Technology Provides Permanent, Global Access To Expense Report Data

Cloud Technology Provides Permanent, Global Access To Expense Report DataTechnology is marching forward quickly under the principles of Moore’s Law. Haven’t heard of it? Moore’s Law comes from the co-founder of Intel, Gordon E. Moore, who made an important observation: The number of transistors on integrated circuits doubles just about every two years.

While he made this statement all the way back in 1965, it has broadly held true even by the standards of today’s advanced technology. In fact, there are some analysts in the tech world coming to the conclusion that we are now exceeding Moore’s Law.

What does this mean for you and your expense report information?

With ExpensePoint and the cloud, you can maintain permanent, global integration and access to your data.

The Cloud Is The Ultimate Iteration Of The “World Wide Web” Of Financial Compliance

It wasn’t that long ago when compiling an accurate, useful expense report for global business travel was a challenging feat. You had to evaluate a number of cost factors and explain them in a way that made sense to track ROI – or the lack of it.

Through the cloud, it becomes possible for every participant in business to work together and ensure accurate financial reporting. That means that not only does everyone have a stake – that part has always been true – but everyone has the right tools to perform their duties.

Because ExpensePoint is fully integrated with the latest Web technology, it gives stakeholders around the world the ability to access data immediately. Should you wish, you can track emerging expense details practically in real time.

Worried About Globalised Financial Infrastructure? Security Is The Key

If every stakeholder can access data from everywhere, what’s to stop intruders from getting their hands on an expense report? If you’re going to implement globalised financial software in the cloud, then you need the best encryption available.

ExpensePoint uses the latest in security, “point-to-point” 256-bit encryption with SSL certification. Our reporting software is not vulnerable to Heartbleed, so you can use it with confidence.

Of course, even if the best security can be overridden if the wrong person has credentials for access. Security becomes easier through a full suite of administrative options, helping you review and edit access to different documents and functions as needed.

As business heads to the cloud, expense report software should, too. When you’re looking for an integrated, cloud-focused solution, don’t forget what Moore’s Law can teach you.