Credit Card Integration Helps Global Enterprises With Expense Reports

Credit Card Integration Helps Global Enterprises With Expense Reports

Credit Card Integration Helps Global Enterprises With Expense ReportsWhen you are developing expense reports for travel, it is notoriously true that all the documentation you need is rarely right there at your fingertips.

Unfortunately, most executives who find themselves with the challenge of dealing with expense reports must do so by gathering all of the documentation after the fact — once the trip has been successfully (or unsuccessfully) concluded.

Not surprisingly, this can lead to a number of mistakes and other issues. Ideally, a traveler will be able to get most of the information he or she needs from one source by using a corporate credit card or expense account, but this cannot always be guaranteed.

In order to be successful in managing all of the complexities of expense reports, it’s important to capture and maintain the relevant information as soon as a transaction is executed. The best way to do that — and perhaps the only way — is by using credit card integration.


Credit Card Integration Helps To Centralise Data That Might Otherwise Vanish

Not every country has all the technological infrastructure that might be needed to maintain long-term transaction records the way that Canadian companies are expected to. When you are doing business around the world, it makes good sense to be proactive and take the whole responsibility into your organisation.

With appropriate credit card integration, your expense reports become easier to develop, audit, and maintain “for keeps.” That’s because all the information associated with the receipt — ideally including an image of the same — will be archived permanently.

That resolves the issue of needing to keep (and consult!) tiny slips of paper throughout a long international journey. It also makes your enterprise more secure than ever before, since your decision makers can review and respond to any inappropriate charges made right away.


All The World Has Credit Cards, But Only Receipt Imaging Makes Them Secure

Using receipt imaging, you will make business travel easier and more effective by reducing the “busy work” that might otherwise accrue to travelers. At the same time, you get to forcefully and proactively ensure that your enterprise’s policies are followed.

It’s a “win-win” situation for your company and everyone in it.

Odds are good that every single one of your executives uses a mobile device that can be fully empowered with credit card integration. Isn’t it about time you looked for a single, cloud-based solution for managing travel expenses?