Digital Approval Brings Benefits

Digital Approval Brings Benefits

Digital Approval Brings BenefitsOne of the big advantages of moving over to dedicated expense report software is that it makes filing an expense report much easier and faster for employees. That’s one half of the battle to ensure accurate expense reports happen. The other, especially when it comes to processing, approval and reimbursement, lies with your finance department. But good software can help with this side of the equation too, especially if you take advantage of features like online processing and approvals.

The Old Way

With traditional expense reports, you use a lot of time and paper, and the whole reason for all this documentation is so you have a record of the right people having seen the document and acknowledged it with a signature. If you stop and think about it, all that expense with printing documents, chasing people down, making sure they’ve read it, making sure they’ve signed it, and then printing multiple copies for both processing, archiving and accounting purposes can really slow the process down. With a digital approval system, this all goes away.

The New Way

With expense report software like ExpensePoint, the approval process doesn’t have to mean a printed document and a signature required. The appropriate finance staff or other supervisor can log in to look at, process and approve reports directly online. This approval is logged and certified, and in the event that there’s a problem, items can be flagged, and comments can be made about what needs to be done to reconcile a situation. The finance department even has the power to approve some items on an expense report, but not others, thus negating the need to start over with an entirely new expense report, saving even more time, paper and complication for everyone.

An expense report process can be complex, demanding and inefficient. But it doesn’t have to be if you don’t want it to.