Does Mobile Access Really Matter In Expense Management?

Does Mobile Access Really Matter In Expense Management?

Does Mobile Access Really Matter In Expense Management?Any business that relies on traveling employees is already fully aware of just how important it is to properly manage expenses and keep track of your employee spending. Giving your team a budget while on the road is important – they shouldn’t have to pay out of pocket to get the basics while on the go. But expense management is something that isn’t always handled as well as it could be.

Good expense management programs can help make it easier to handle your accounts. And the different features offered by a program are the key to getting the best results from it. Mobile access is one of the single most important features available today.

It might not seem like just being able to utilize a mobile phone to log into an expense management system is that big of a deal. But if you’ll look at a few basic points you’ll see that it is indeed one of the key features to look for.

  • First, consider just how frequently your employees use their mobile devices. More people utilize a smart phone while on the road than a laptop today, and that means that your employees are using their mobile devices constantly. Giving them the ability to access the expense program instantly means better connectivity.
  • The wide range of features available in an expense program are increased dramatically thanks to mobile access. Some features – like receipt imaging – are only available with a mobile device, and other features are enhanced thanks to the ability to connect with a mobile tool.
  • By adding convenience and ease of connectivity to your employees’ ability to manage their expenses, you’ll help improve morale and boost productivity. Instead of struggling to keep track of receipts and paperwork, they can use their devices immediately and keep accurate accounts going.
  • Mobile connectivity also means less chance of fraud and better accuracy throughout every aspect of the process of expense management. It helps your business grow and avoid the various pitfalls that can sometimes impact a company.

In short, if you’re looking into an expense program you owe it to yourself to keep track of the different features that are available. Among them, mobile access is a must. It offers various benefits and features that just aren’t available otherwise, and as such it’s one of the most important things to look for when choosing an expense management program. Don’t invest in a program that lacks it.