Ease Of Approval On Travel Expense Reports Doesn’t Have To Be The Boogeyman

Ease Of Approval On Travel Expense Reports Doesn’t Have To Be The Boogeyman

Ease Of Approval On Travel Expense Reports Doesn’t Have To Be The BoogeymanWhen compliance experts think of ease of approval — especially when it comes to travel expense reports — they might think first of the risk involved. After all, unless there is someone to check over details, mistakes can be made. Right?

However, it would be impossible for any enterprise, no matter how well-funded, to devote an adequate number of compliance professionals to the growing profusion of international travel that a truly global business requires in the 21st century.

Likewise, it is important to ensure that your compliance department does not develop an adversarial relationship with the rest of your business. Once this happens, conflicts become inevitable and will drain the time and energy that should be devoted to the bottom line.

In the ever-evolving world of travel expense reports, is there a way to ensure that each stakeholder’s needs will be represented in the approval process? You shouldn’t give up on a thorough and granular compliance approach, but can compliance experts be allowed to relax?

You can liberalise your approach in an effective way — one that will improve team relationships without opening the door to a poor compliance record.

Combine IT And Compliance Department Efforts To Synergise Effectively On Compliance

A robust compliance regime can save you millions of dollars a year; however, the costs of some measures can be prohibitive. Travel expense reports, however, can be managed efficiently via the right combination of effort from your Compliance and IT groups.

When IT takes the lead on selecting, implementing, and evangelising an appropriate automation solution, the Compliance Department can focus on its area of expertise. The right software helps create results that you can reproduce again and again, consistently delivering the right level of control and oversight without too much human intervention.

Because software shifts from a reactive to a proactive mode, it can help give compliance experts the leeway they need to work on more aspirational projects — such as re-engineering processes — without worrying that they might be sacrificing your front-line efforts.

This leads to higher ease of approval with none of the traditional downsides.

When Teams Work Together To Maximise Accuracy Of Expense Reports, Everyone Wins

If you aren’t yet using software to make travel expensing easier, reach out to your IT department today to create a roadmap for change. Once software is implemented, compliance leaders can configure it to recognise and follow your rules, making things easier for years to come.