Easier Online Expense Reporting Means More Honesty

Easier Online Expense Reporting Means More Honesty

Easier Online Expense Reporting Means More HonestyWhen it comes to the stress of a business trip, it’s understandable that no one is going to be perfect. On top of traveling to a new location, there’s a hectic schedule to maintain, a lot of work to get done, little time to relax, and a big change in the normal daily routine. On top of all that, every purchase made while away from the company needs to be documented for a clear and accurate expense report. That means that even if there was no time for a proper meal, and the only option was a snack hurriedly bought at the company’s expense, that receipt has to be collected.

Then, at the end of the day, all those small bits of paper have be preserved, taken back home, and presented as proof of expenses in order to make sure that all the spending during the trip has been accounted for.

When something like a business trip occurs, mistakes can happen. Receipts can easily be lost, some purchases can simply be forgotten because they were so small, and if multiple purchases were made at the same time, it can be difficult to keep track and remember at the end of a day, let alone at the end of a trip. Many times, an employee will have good intentions but the sheer amount of activity required to make a business trip a success can make accurate expense reporting seem like a secondary or even tertiary priority.

Expense report software can help. By automating the process, allowing employees to quickly report expenses as they happen, and even automatically logging transactions with the company credit card, much of the “book keeping” that was originally their burden has been lifted. When an expense report can be made in seconds instead of being “saved” to be filed in one large document at the end of the trip, it makes it easier for an employee to maintain accuracy. And this accuracy translates into more honest reports.

A business trip can be a very hectic, frenzied time for employees. Expense report software makes it easier to be fast, efficient and honest about expenses without demanding too much time. And that benefits everyone.