Eliminate Paper With ExpensePoint

Eliminate Paper With ExpensePointLet’s be honest here – nobody likes mountains of paper and entire walls filled with filing cabinets. Technology has helped most businesses move past the archaic days of paper filing thanks to Cloud servers and even on-site storage servers that digitize records with ease. But one aspect of doing business that continues to drag the hassles of paper back into the mix is that of employee expense reporting. Adopting expense report software like ExpensePoint lets you eliminate this process entirely. The software will include expense spreadsheets, templates, and other basic forms but will go far beyond that as well.

Think about all the paperwork involved in employee travel expenses. An employee on the go has to keep track of their receipts, file them, fill out expense claims, submit the form to you when they return, and then wait for you to review the information, approve different expenses, and then reimburse them or file the expenses in your files. After that, you’ll have plenty of documents to deal with, tax issues to consider, and more. That adds up to huge piles of paperwork that you’ll have to save for years just to stay compliant.

Instead, expense programs like ExpensePoint eliminate those issues entirely. Employees on the go can scan receipts, fill out online expense reports, and even take photos of receipts and upload them into the system. There are also mobile apps for smart phones and tablets that add even more versatility into the mix.
Not only will these tools make it easier to track different information with ease, but they eliminate those mountains of paperwork entirely. You don’t have to sort through stacks of receipts, organise information accordingly, file things through complicated systems, or worry about having to pull everything back out if a review is needed. It’s all stored digitally right on the server.

The web based nature of ExpensePoint means that you don’t have to be at a single computer, either. You can access information from the web wherever you are. This means that employees can keep uploading while they’re on the go and that you can access their reports as you need to. And at the end of a month or quarter, you’ll be able to quickly review all the information about their expenses with a few simple mouse clicks instead of pulling out papers and trying to make sense of them.

There’s a better way to manage expenses, and that way is paperless. You owe it to your business to take a closer look at what expenses software can do for you.