Embracing Paperless Expense Reports

Embracing Paperless Expense Reports

Embracing Paperless Expense ReportsMost companies these days are trying to create a paperless office environment. At first, this was just good PR, but companies have found that there are some real benefits to going paperless. Both paper and toner are fairly expensive office supplies and going paperless dramatically decreases those expenses.

Despite the obvious benefits, one area where companies have been slow to go paperless is expense reports. Many companies still require employees to keep paper receipts of all their expenses and print out physical expense reports for submission.

Aside from the added expense of processing physical reports and keying the data back into a database or spreadsheet, there is another common problem that arises for companies that have not adopted automated expense report software.

Sometimes expense reports or attachments such as receipts just inexplicably go missing. What’s more, even the most careful accounting departments can’t do anything about an employee that submits an expense report without a receipt because it was lost during the business trip.

How Automated Expense Report Software Can Help

Automated expense report software is completely paperless. Employees can simply log in to the online system from a computer or mobile device and fill out an expense report that is immediately uploaded into the system.

There are no paper forms to shuffle around the office and lose. Even better, employees can simply fill out expense reports soon after they incur the expense, ensuring that reports are more timely and accurate.

Another major benefit of automated expense report software is the ability to keep track of digital receipt images. On a hectic business trip, the last thing your employee should have to worry about is keeping track of a dozen little pieces of paper.

Automated expense report software allows your employees to take images of their receipts using the camera on their mobile device soon after incurring the expense. By uploading the receipt images as a part of an expense report, employees no longer have to worry about losing paper receipts.

This will not only help your employees focus on their jobs instead of worrying about expenses, but your accounting department will also waste less time tracking down lost receipts and auditing physical expense reports.