Employees Are A Valuable Defense Against Fraud

Employees Are A Valuable Defense Against Fraud

Employees Are A Valuable Defense Against FraudIt’s a terrible feeling of breach of trust and betrayal when you find out that one of your employees has been submitting fraudulent expense reports for his or her own benefit. However, it’s also a great feeling of justified trust when other employees step in to help you fight this.

This is why it’s so important to treat your employees not just as people that work for you, but as valuable members of a company and a family that look out for each other. In some cases, they can act as guards on your behalf that help to catch fraudulent expense reports that you might have otherwise missed.

Unethical Refund

For example, one company in Hong Kong allowed their employees to handle their own airfare when it came to travel for work. An unethical employee who found out that a business flight schedule had to be changed was informed that the only available flight in an acceptable frame of time downgraded the seat from business class to economy. This was a difference from $4000 to $2500, with that refund being sent directly to the employee, who then chose not to report this, so as to receive an additional $1500 from the company later from reimbursement.

Fortunately for the company, this unethical employee had a difficult time keeping quiet about the expenditure and needed to brag to other people within the company. Because of that, more ethical employees came forward to management to explain the situation and it wasn’t long before the unethical employee was confronted and eventually dismissed.

This is simply proof that while some people in a company may be greedy and unprofessional, the majority of people that are hired justify the faith and trust that the employers put in them. In companies where employees feel valued, it’s often a regular occurrence to see those same employees stick up for their company, and not tolerate situations where their employers are being taken advantage of. When you take the time to make employees feel emotionally invested in their company, you create loyalty with value you can’t put a price on.