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Automated Expense Management and Reporting for the Consulting Business

As a consultant, you know how important keeping track of expenses is.  Both for your business and your clientele, accurate expense tracking and reporting is critical.  During your work, you continuously see expenses rolling in – purchases, receipts, reimbursements.  Allowing them to pile up unaddressed can lead to massive headaches every month-end, and especially at year-end.

ExpensePoint’s automated expense management software can help your consulting business, both in the accounting department and out in the field, get back on track with expenses, and stay that way.  Here is a look at some of the features your operation could be taking advantage of with this cutting-edge expense management tool.

Some of the major features of ExpensePoint that will help streamline your operations include:

Mileage tracking – if you have staff out on the road, ExpensePoint Mileage Tracker can use their mobile device GPS and create a mileage expense with a single swipe.  Your company reimbursement rate is automatically applied, and the routing information is visible on a map to both users and your expense manager.

Receipt Imaging System – a 100% paperless way for your consulting business to link receipts to each expense item.  They can take pictures of receipts from their phone, scan, upload, or even fax receipt images, and link them to individual expenses.

Credit Card Integration – corporate or personal credit card data can be imported from any billing source, with automated notification of when new charges have been made.  Assign those charges, and link them to the receipt in a snap.  There is also an ExpensePoint Corporate MasterCard you can apply for to simplify your expense integration process further.

Data Integration – any consulting business running with accounting systems such as QuickBooks, Sage, Xero, and others, can easily integrate ExpensePoint report data and create customized general ledger and payroll output files.

Employee Reimbursement – approved expenses are easily and securely reimbursed using ExpensePoint’s built-in ACH reimbursement system.  Put an end to your consultancy’s reimbursement headaches forever with this crucial capability.

Other ExpensePoint Advantages for Consultants

These and other ExpensePoint features will get your consulting business, and its expense reporting processes, running smoothly.  Plus, the implementation of the system will be completed with minimum fuss and disruption to your operations, with:

Free Setup – your IT department will have nothing to worry about; ExpensePoint experts will install your expense management software at no charge.

Free Training – your Administrators and staff, will get on the ball quickly, with full training on how to get the most out of your ExpensePoint reporting software, at no charge.

Free Support, Forever – the support line will always be there for any question or issue that may pop up. If it’s expenses report related, there is help at the ready, anytime you need it.

Save Time and Money on Expense Tracking

Like most consulting businesses, you are probably searching for ways to gain efficiencies, streamline processes, and ultimately save money.  ExpensePoint allows you to do just that by cleaning up the often messy bottlenecks associated with expense tracking.  Contact us for a free demo, and see how effective ExpensePoint can be for your consulting firm.


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