Expense Management Software For Small Business

Expense Management Software For Small Business

Automate expense management process for your small business

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ExpensePoint for Small Business – Getting a Handle on Expense Management

Small businesses face challenges on all fronts; some of yours are the same as large corporations; and there are many, probably, unique to your outfit. Among them all, expense management is frequently front and center.  The smaller the organization, it seems, the more daunting a task it can be.  This is because a lean organization requires a whole wardrobe of hats, worn by only a few heads.

Receipts for purchases, meals, tickets, entertainment – and all the rest – require a simple, organized expense management process to maintain control of monies flowing outbound.  Enter ExpensePoint – a proven expense management solution geared towards small and medium-sized businesses. Here’s a look at some of the features that make it a smart choice for any small business.

Cloud-Based Expense Reporting and Management

Smaller-sized companies often conduct business on the fly; that’s reality.  ExpensePoint becomes a great fit; its cloud-based platform allows expense management to be performed any time, from anywhere in the world. Whether your teams travel the city, the state, or the globe, ExpensePoint is there with them, and you, all the time.  That said – you can be assured of its 100% secure login:

  • Point-to-Point
  • 256 Bit encrypted
  • SSL Certificate/Firewalled

Automated and Integrated Expense Management for Small Business

Small businesses require agility from all their staff, suppliers, and systems.  Expense management software for small businesses should be no different.  That’s what makes ExpensePoint such a valuable solution.  Think of the possibilities for streamlining expense management processes in your organization, where time use has to be optimized for all employees.

ExpensePoint is also flexible; you can tie it into your existing systems. You’ll have the ability to export expense report data and create customized general ledger and payroll output files. Integration services are available for most accounting packages, including QuickBooks, Sage, and Xero.

Analyze that Spending with ExpensePoint

Most small businesses have finite resources.  You know that money has to be spent, but you also know it must be spent wisely and efficiently.  With ExpensePoint, you’ll have the ability to analyze company spending with over three dozen on-screen analysis reports – and you can drill down further with over sixty reporting filters. Get all the details – from company to department, to employee – all in seconds. Take all that analysis and output to print, PDF, Excel, CSV, and XML. With this kind of versatility, you’ll be able to ensure your resources are deployed in the most efficient and cost-effective way possible.

Mobile Access with ExpensePoint

Yes, there is an app for that.  Smartphones have revolutionized the way business operates, and yours is likely no different. Your team can take on the task of expense reporting in the mode they are most comfortable with, and that includes their phone or favorite device.  More ease of use means fewer input mistakes and less hassle on both ends of the chain. Receipts uploaded through the phone on their camera; it doesn’t get much more manageable.

Extensive Features and Benefits for the Small Business

Everyone knows that small business is the backbone of the economy.  It’s where innovation happens, where ideas and concepts come to fruition, where future giants are created.  ExpensePoint will allow your organization to get a handle on expense report management so that you and your people can focus on the big stuff coming down the road.


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