The Expense Report App Is The Fruit Of The Mobile Age

The Expense Report App Is The Fruit Of The Mobile Age

The Expense Report App Is The Fruit Of The Mobile AgeNobody likes to write itemized lists. Whether you’re working out your household budget, keeping track of your food intake for a diet, or putting together an expense report for a business trip, you’ll either find yourself stuck trying to remember precise details about your day or else stopping every hour to whip out a notepad and a pencil in order to keep track of what you’re doing as you do it.

Fortunately, we’re living in the Mobile Age now, which means we now carry all the advantages of the Digital Age around in our pockets. Within a matter of seconds, we can pull up a budget app, a calorie-tracking app, or even an expense report app which won’t simply log business expenses but will also submit your finished report as soon as you’re done with it.

An Employer-Friendly Product

These modern software applications aren’t just helpful for employees, either. A good expense report app can help out by letting the employer create categories for acceptable business expenses, automatically converting foreign currencies for easier accounting, and providing a search function so that an employer can look through several expense reports for the common unacceptable line items.

The Limits Of A Function

Still, it’s worth pointing out that even the best expense report app can’t solve all the problems that come with the practice. You’ll still need to hold onto your receipts, for instance, regardless of whether they’re paper or electronic, and although you don’t need to pull out a pad and a pencil anymore you still need to pull out your phone every so often to add a new entry.

On the bright side, expense reporting technology is continuing to advance even now. Along with added convenience functions, there are ways of importing credit card information directly into expense report apps so that any and all payments made with a corporate card will instantly appear in the application without any need to enter each one independently. A good app can also provide employee and employer training and tutorials in how to use the software, not to mention live technical support for when something unexpected happens.

An expense report app can make things a lot easier on both ends, but you’ll still be exposing yourself to the annoyance of an itemized list. But what’s troublesome today will get easier tomorrow, and so long as you can keep up with the latest technologies, you’ll find that creating and approving expense reports is only going to get easier with time.