Expense Report For iPhone Software May Be The Next Quantum Leap In Compliance

Expense Report For iPhone Software May Be The Next Quantum Leap In Compliance

Expense Report For iPhone Software May Be The Next Quantum Leap In ComplianceMobile access is becoming one of the most important trends in the world of computing. As cell phone ownership climbs toward 90% throughout much of North America, and smart phone ownership exceeds 50% in the United States and Canada, mobile is increasingly critical.

Mobile is also key for business professionals. Cloud computing and other technologies that make the resources of a company available anywhere in the world are also making it easier to open up new markets. As that happens, business travel is increasing.

In fact, business travel may be the fastest growing expense report category in Canada.

In order to make sure that executives are empowered worldwide, it’s time to look closely at your technology landscape and ensure that your key software solutions have complete mobile access. Without mobile access, you could be cutting off your decision-makers from key resources.

“Bring Your Own Device” is Beginning To Favour Apple Products

It was not that long ago that the mobile market was essentially split “fifty fifty” between Apple and Android devices. However, the release of new Apple technologies such as the iPad has begun to swing the pendulum in the other direction.

Once considered to be a “dark horse” or outlier in the world of business computing, Apple is now increasingly showing up on company a company’s expense report when IT departments requisition new materials.

In the United States, 51% of homes use Apple products, and penetration is growing in Canada.

Especially in Canada, the fate of the BlackBerry brand is beginning to open up the market to iPhones and other devices. Thus, software for important business processes should be useful to Apple, Microsoft, and Android products alike.

Expense Report for iPhone? Software Can Take The Guesswork Out Of Reporting

Travel remains among the most difficult of all items to expense correctly. There are so many different factors, fees, and VAT considerations that it is easy to make a mistake even when you are a seasoned world traveler.

Mobile access software for expense report purposes can make things easier by capturing data as transactions are handled. Thanks to mobile access, all of the decision-makers who are involved in a trip can oversee the expenses related to it.

Whether you are in Birmingham, Bermuda, or British Columbia, you should be able to access key data — and alter user permissions so only those who need to be in the know will get their eyes on sensitive financial information!