Expense Report Software Gets You Reimbursed For Sales Tax Spent In Foreign Countries

Expense Report Software Gets You Reimbursed For Sales Tax Spent In Foreign Countries

Expense Report Software Gets You Reimbursed For Sales Tax Spent In Foreign CountriesOne of the things you might notice most about the Singapore airport is that it is incredibly beautiful. The walls of the massive airport are made of living plants, the air is clean and they even keep a butterfly habitat for everyone to enjoy. The restaurants are so good that locals come to the airport just for a night out. There is a lot to see. But the most important office in the building might be overlooked.

Singapore, like many countries in the world, allows you to keep your sales taxes. You enter the small, island-nation and spend your money. If you keep your receipts then you can get your tax money back. There are a few offices right inside the terminals of Singapore’s airports. Check in, go through security, enjoy the butterflies and some food, and then get a reimbursement before you leave.

Singapore is now the most expensive place to live on earth. Prices are high and the percentage of sales tax stays high as well. It is vital to get your taxes back when you travel to Singapore, Australia, the U.K. and Canada, among others. This saves your company a bounty on business related travel. And since your spending is tax deductible back here in the United States, it becomes a double whammy. Plus, it’s always nice to keep a little currency as a keepsake for your travels.

But during the wheeling and dealings of business, it is hard to keep track of expenses. You might be out on the town getting a nice dinner or treating a client to drinks. You want to keep a record of all expenses occurred and you want to keep all of your receipts for reimbursement when you leave. Some of the spending might be personal, and you want to keep those receipts, too.

The solution is simple – expense report software. Good expense report software can be accessed all over the world. If you have an international cell phone, then you can even access the expense report software on the go.

It is easy to use. You set up the expense report before you depart. Go into the system and set up the dates that you will be in the foreign country. Give the report a name. Then you can setup any predetermined information that will be input with every expense. You can command the expense report software to link a certain card and to list a single company for all expenses.

At the end of each day, sit down and parcel through the receipts. Entering each expense into the expense report software is easy, especially if you set up the report beforehand. Each expense only takes a few seconds and you can even digitize the receipts with a photo on a smart phone. Now you have an accurate record of all your business spending. This makes it simple to get reimbursed accurately when leaving the country. It also makes it clear which amount of reimbursement is business and which is personal.