Expense Report Software Should Work The Way You Do

Expense Report Software Should Work The Way You Do

Expense Report Software Should Work The Way You DoYour company has spent many years finding the right people for the right positions, and establishing a workflow that best uses their talents. This kind of optimised thinking should be at every level of your company, especially the finance department which controls the very lifeblood of your business, the money that keeps everything operating.

In some cases, you may have a very specific group of people that you trust for handling expense reports. You may have even worked out a system where you prefer multiple eyes to evaluate expense reports in order to keep different departments informed, as well as to have more safeguards in place to catch a discrepancy or problem. But does your expense report system accommodate this? Ours does.

More People, More Options

ExpensePoint is flexible enough that it allows not just for easy retrieval of expense reports online, it can include as many people as you need in the approval process. All of it is centralised in the cloud, meaning that regardless of where a staff member is, or what device he or she is on, it’s always easy to pull up an ongoing expense report, evaluate it, edit it or flag it if necessary, and then add the necessary approval until all the people that need to look at a report have done so.

This always accessible, custom approval feature means that there’s no tedious bureaucratic process required just to get through one expense report. No one needs to be chased down in the office until a signature appears on a form. It can take literally seconds to properly evaluate and approve a report, and greatly speeds up the process for the entire finance department, leaving all the relevant staff with more time to do other more demanding jobs.

If you need more than one person to go over expense reports in order to approve them, make sure you’ve got the software that makes this kind of process easy.