Expense Reporting and Management for the Food & Beverage Industry

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Expense Reporting and Management for the Food & Beverage Industry

Restaurant, food truck, catering business – all types of food and beverage operations go through tons of transactions, constantly. Consider the many expenses and purchases:

  • Supplies
  • Equipment
  • Ingredients
  • Containers
  • Machines
  • Beverages
  • Groceries
  • Etc.
  • Etc.

The list is seemingly endless.  The last thing an entrepreneur in the food and beverage industry wants to do is get behind on all those receipts, bills, and transaction records.  So the challenge becomes keeping track of it all while focusing on the primary directive, which is trying to serve your clientele, and stay profitable.  You went into the biz because you love all aspects of food and drink.  Keeping a handle on all the expenses, and being able to analyze it all, should be as simple and versatile as possible.  That way, you can keep the focus on the customers, and their needs.  That’s where ExpensePoint can be a tremendous help.

Data Management for Food & Beverage

Consider these modules for your food and beverage data management system.  Could your operation run more smoothly with an all-in-one software suite that includes:

  • An expense manager that becomes a central record keeping hub for all transactions, it creates reports, manages cash advances and returns, does receipt imaging, and more
  • Desktop and mobile access, with secure login, and a landing page/dashboard at your fingertips, as well as for your finance people, and other employees who handle expenses
  • Accounting features galore, including receipt management, and line item reconciliation
  • Management features, for all kinds of analysis and reporting capability

ExpensePoint does all this and more.  Additional features which can streamline your food and beverage business expense reporting processes include:

Credit card integration – import corporate or personal credit card data from any credit card billing source. If your enterprise is in need of a corporate credit card, there’s even a fully integrated ExpensePoint Mastercard®.

Data Integration – you may already have in place accounting systems, such as QuickBooks, Sage, and Great Plains. With ExpensePoint, you can create expense report data, and create customized general ledger and payroll output files which are all tied into your existing accounting package.

Analyze spending data – make sure you know where the money is going, with over three dozen analysis reports, and sixty filters you can apply.  Everything can be drilled down to the employee, and the data can be exported to PDF, Excel, CSV, and XML.

Receipt Imaging – how about this: going 100% paperless, with all the receipts you accumulate on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. Snap a picture of the receipt, or scan and upload it; all of them can be linked to individual expenses.  Permanently eliminate the hassle of constantly tracking down paper receipts.

The Goal for your Food and Beverage Business – Save Time and Money

In the hectic world of food and beverage, there’s seldom even time for a breather, much less time to sit down and plow through endless stacks of receipts and other transaction records.  Quite often, you’re probably being pulled in several directions at once. Tasks such as expense tracking frequently must take a back seat.  That’s why simplifying how that never-ending stream of numbers is handled can be such a game-changer for your operation.

Getting bogged down in a daily or weekly mess of receipts, invoices, and notes can be converted into a streamlined, automated process, with the help of ExpensePoint.  Ease of use is at the heart of it all.  Combine that with the free setup, free training, and free support that comes with it, ExpensePoint will have you and your food and beverage business experience the sweet taste of expense and data management success.


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