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Keeping Expense Reports Moving in Transportation and Logistics

Travel and its associated expenses are a significant component of any transportation and logistics company’s existence.  Employees are continuously on the move; along the way, they accumulate expenses of all types, which are reimbursable or must be otherwise accounted for.  Whether you are a long-haul carrier or express courier, large or small, the task of expense reporting should be made as simple as possible.  This is true for both employees on the road and accounting staff at the head office.

Fortunately, there are alternatives to a fistful of crumpled receipts that are taken out of a glove box and periodically submitted for processing.  An automated expense reporting and management system, such as ExpensePoint, can significantly streamline the expense reporting process at both ends.  Here’s a look at the features which can make ExpensePoint as valuable as any piece of equipment you may have on the road.

Simplifying Expense Reporting and Management While on the Road

ExpensePoint is a 100% cloud-based expense management and reporting software.  That means it can be accessed from anywhere in the world.  Employees can:

  • Create expense reports
  • Submit expenses
  • Approve expenses
  • Process expenses

What used to be a cumbersome task that had to wait for a trip to home or regional office is now simplified to the point where it can be done on the fly.  With ExpensePoint, the process is as simple as accessing the system from any mobile device.  The data can be entered into the system immediately; notifications are made to the appropriate party or department, and the processing procedure is completed.  It’s that simple and can be done 24/7.

On the accounting side, company credit card transactions can be imported directly into ExpensePoint, making the entire process almost effortless. Saved time spent on such previously unwieldy, time-consuming tasks now goes directly to the company’s bottom line in the form of increased efficiency.

Expense Receipt Management Made Easy

Remember that folder or envelope of crumpled receipts? Gone.  Employees can submit receipts with the click of the camera on their phones.  If your system requires a copy of receipts, it’s just a click away.  Scanned receipt images can be faxed, emailed, or uploaded, making the process virtually instantaneous.

Review and Approval of Expense Submissions

No matter what size fleet you’re dealing with, review and approval of expense reports are made easier with ExpensePoint.  Approvers receive automatic notification of submitted expense reports.  Everything is visible: the report, receipt images, as well as out-of-policy expenses.  An entire report can be approved in one click, and any individual line item can be declined.

The ExpensePoint Mobile App

Employees on the road can create an entire expense report from their mobile devices from anywhere they happen to be.  The Receipt Wallet™ allows users to store all images of receipts taken from their phone in one convenient location.  They can also email receipts directly to their wallet for easy attachment to an expense report.

Take Expense Reporting Capability on the Road

At either end of the process, your employees and managers will thank you for taking ExpensePoint’s simplicity, ease of use, and versatility on the road – the road to greater efficiency and an improved bottom line.


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