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Best Expense Reporting Software for Churches and Missions

ExpensePoint is a cloud-based expense reporting software that offers a range of expense reporting services for effective expense management in Churches and Missions. With the free setup, free training, and free support, we are committed to helping you keep records of all financial transactions in your Church or mission.

Why do Churches and Missions need the best Expense Reporting Software?

Churches and Missions deal with lots of funds in their various activities. Mismanagement of these funds can hinder projects in Churches and put a hold on Outreaches for Missions. To avoid these setbacks, Churches and missions need to manage all expenses properly.

Keeping a detailed record of all financial transactions in any establishment allows for proper tracking of funds, which in the long run, helps to avoid sudden bankruptcy of the establishment.

Expense Management Made easy!

Functionality is key when using any software. ExpensePoint is already recognized as the King of Functionality and Features, but with recent integration with popular accounting software like QuickBooks Online, Xero Accounting, and FreshBooks, you can finally experience what it feels like to do expense management with ease.

You don’t have to manually import or export files or enter data from ExpensePoint into your preferred accounting software. This stressful and time-consuming process can be avoided completely. That’s incredible, right?

Aside from this, ExpensePoint offers a multi-currency money system that solves the issue of currency diversity. The software allows you to import Corporate cards for easy billing and assignment of charges.

We offer free training to new users. There is also a Demo option to practice in real-time. Our standard customer service acumen will be a great asset to your administrators.

We can boast of global standard security for user-data. You are assured that your Churches’ financial data is heavily guarded and secure.

All you need for Expense Reporting is all in one place!

This platform has proven to be the best expense management software for Churches and Missions, as the lineup of features makes expense reporting and management easy and effective. The features include:

Receipt Imaging System

Instead of keeping too many printed receipts, scan/snap and upload receipts then link them to each expense item.

Mileage Tracking

Create a mileage expense and apply your churches’ reimbursement rate. We store mileage data using GPS and map on your mobile device.

Credit Card Integration

Import your personal and corporate cards for easy linking of receipts and assignment of charges.

Data Integration

You can export data for easy review and creating customized general ledger and payroll output.

Multi-Currency System

Foreign currencies are easily converted into user currency.

Analyse Spending Data

ExpensePoint provides different reporting filters and analysis reports for different reviews. Data can be exported and printed in different formats for easy distribution of data to other departments.

Who Can Use ExpensePoint Software?

With a user-friendly interface and standard user-support system through FAQs, early response to emails and phone calls, anyone can become a professional administrator in no time. New users can easily get step-by-step directions on how to go about any of the expense management operations.

Get the Best Expense Reporting Software for your Church or Mission today!

Keeping a detailed record of all expenses in a church helps in auditing and effective planning.

So, hurry now! and register your Church or mission with the best expense management software for an amazing and effortless expense management experience.

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