Expense Reporting Software for Construction

5 Reasons to Use Expense Reporting Software for Construction

Construction companies face constant overruns. Some of it is outside the firms’ control. However, inefficient expense management plays a significant role, leading to reporting errors, delays, and inaccurate measurements. Fortunately, expense reporting software for construction can help you deal with this issue.

Expense reporting software lets your firm know precisely how your money is spent. These tools help alleviate reporting errors and inaccurate measurements by allowing your employees to track everything from materials to revenue to labor in real-time. They even let you pay your employees effectively.

By reading further, you will learn how these expense report solutions work for the construction industry. You will also learn some best practices for implementing them into your operations.

What is Expense Reporting Software for construction?

Expense reporting for construction optimizes project accounting and focuses it on the needs of the construction industry. The automated process tracks the financial data of every project you embark on in real-time while monitoring your revenue, expenses, payroll, and invoices.

This data is posted to a central database your approved stakeholders can access to gain instant insights into the financial health of each job and any potential issues. While you can print out this data, most of this access is done electronically to reduce or eliminate the need for paper receipts and other documentation, saving you time and money in the process.

Instantly scalable, you can expand the features of these expense management systems as your company grows, making these tools worth their investment for both small and large construction firms.

Benefits of Using Expense Management Software in Construction

Once fully integrated, expense management software starts paying back their initial investments immediately. These tools automate several manual processes to reduce errors and improve efficiency. Along the way, they streamline The Expense Reporting Process of your organization along with many other benefits.

Some of the more notable benefits of using construction expense reporting tools include:

  • Transaction reporting and tracking for each job
  • Specialized billing based on time and materials, fixed price, unit pricing, or progress
  • More profitable projects and contracts
  • Streamlined retainage transactions and reporting
  • Improved finance management

Construction expense management tools are also configurable for tracking terms and transactions specific to the industry. You can set up reports for process billing, rented equipment, and vehicle expenses. You can even customize them for each custom job as needed and still be able to link the revenue and expenses to your bottom line.

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Expense Reporting Streamlines Operations

Expense management solutions streamline your operations through improved transparency and efficiency. Your staff will spend less time filing reports and losing receipts. Everything is done in real-time through an advanced OCR process that digitizes your receipts and sends them in with a push of a button. Your foremen can even do this while in the field. You will never have to wait for them to get back to the office.

Go Paperless

Your firm can even go paperless. Expense reporting technology leverages the power of mobile technology to bring your office on the road. Financial transactions occur immediately regardless of where your teams are. This instant communication will increase your firm’s productivity to the most optimal levels, allowing you to generate more revenue.

You can even coordinate transactions between teams, holding their supervisors accountable for the quality of their respective teams.

Expense Management Reduces Possible Points of Failure

Most project spending falls under the median cost of rework. Expense management tools remove the manual processing errors that can lead to these situations and wasteful expenditures.  You can establish automatic rules that can flag these errors to deny or approve the expenses as they pop up. You can then import the reports into the accounting solution of your choice.

If you need help determining how expense reporting software can benefit your firm, feel free to contact our expense management specialists today. Our representatives will walk you through the process, and even show you a demo of how these tools work on construction sites.