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ExpensePoint for Healthcare – Bringing Your Expense Reporting Back to Health

Health professionals are great at treating patients.  They make them better when they’re not well; they keep their charts organized and up-to-date. They work overtime to ensure that every little action regarding their valued client is recorded and up to date.

Along the way, though, other types of administrative records and paperwork may not get the attention they need to stay current and timely.  Expense reporting, for instance, one of the least favourite tasks for any administrator, ranks high in the list of neglected tasks and processes.  ExpensePoint can provide any healthcare organization with an automated expense report management system, that is both easy to use and easy to administrate. It will bring your expense processing and reporting back to health.

What Expense Reporting Software Can Do For Your Healthcare Organization

All your expense reporting tasks, including:

  • Accounting integration
  • Receipts – complete with an imaging system
  • Credit card integration
  • Spending data analysis
  • Employee reimbursement
  • Security and compliance
  • Mileage tracking

can be integrated into one central hub. ExpensePoint expense reporting software for healthcare administration is as versatile as it is simple to use.

ExpensePoint Features

One look at the features page should convince you of the breadth of its capabilities:

  • Reporting – approve, decline, history, and a host of other features
  • Program features
    • browser access – all platforms
    • mobile access
    • security – 256-bit encrypted SSL
    • landing page/dashboard
  • Client multi-install – company or personal computer
  • Desktop application – zero maintenance
  • Accounting features – receipts audited/received, approval by line time or by the whole report
  • Management – analysis across the board of all expense related data
  • Support – online, telephone, email, consulting, training, and more

The Free Aspects ExpensePoint

 As we like to say on our homepage, at ExpensePoint, we really like the word FREE. You can be assured of our ongoing love and support, with:

  • Free setup – your expense management software is set up, absolutely free
  • Free training – your system administrators and staff will be shown all of the ins and outs of ExpensePoint, free
  • Free support, forever – anytime you need to, a call to our Radical Support Line will get you connected to a live person to help with all your expense report related needs – totally free

ExpensePoint Understands Healthcare Expense Management

ExpensePoint understands the complexities, and yes, the tedium that can go along with the process of expense management.  We see how many companies and organizations struggle with this mundane but essential part of running a business and keeping the books straight.  That’s why our software is designed to simplify tasks and reporting, to integrate what might be separate silos within your administration and other departments.  We’ll work hard to unite your complex, disparate universe of processes into a seamless network that everyone can see and use at the same time.

What Matters Most – Your Company Data and its Security

ExpensePoint also places security and compliance at the top of the heap when it comes to all the critical components of our software.  Your company’s data will be secured to the highest standard; we are SSAE 16 (SOC II) audited and certified company, and as well, we are a PCI-DSS (Payment Card Industry) compliant company. In short, you can be assured that when you process your data through ExpensePoint, it is being managed and safeguarded at the highest level of global industry security standards.  As of May 2018, ExpensePoint became fully GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) compliant – 100%.

How We Know We Are Doing Well

We tend to think our customers and other reviewers say it best.  ExpensePoint is proud of its reputation for quality and responsiveness, earned one customer at a time.  So, if your healthcare organization needs some streamlining in the expense reporting department, we are pretty sure we can help.

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