Expense Reporting Software Reinforces Company Policy

Expense Reporting Software Reinforces Company Policy

Expense Reporting Software Reinforces Company PolicySometimes an employee does not adhere to the company spending policy when it comes to their expense account. Perhaps the company has a contract set up with Delta Airlines and the employee instead decided to purchase tickets from United, even though the employee is well aware of the company policy. When this happens, it is important for the expense report reviewer to deny the payment. But denying a payment can be a painstaking process without the proper software.

Good expense report software allows you to go through each digital expense report individually. The reviewer can go through each line and approve or disapprove a payment. Of course, the vast majority of a report will be approved, but there is that off chance that an employee didn’t adhere to policy.

When a disapproval is made, the approver enters it into the system; the same software system that the spending employee used to log the report. The disapproval is immediately sent back to the employee and comes with a short message. The message reads a lot like an email. The message can be a simple statement with a referral to the expense policy, or it can be a question.

The spending employee will receive the disapproval immediately. This is important because now the employee can change their particular spending habits to avoid rejections in the future, or they can answer the question posed by the approver. If the employee has an answer to the approver’s question, then they can send the expense back for another reviewer.

Now the ball comes back into the court of the approver. If the answer to the question is satisfactory, then the payment can be approved and sent up the food chain. Or it can be sent back a final time with an explanation as to why. This communication system reinforces the company’s spending policy and lets employees know that the policy is set in stone. The employee can change spending habits and this will save the company money into the future.