Expense Reports Are Easier On Phones

Expense Reports Are Easier On Phones

Expense Reports Are Easier On PhonesAny business that needs to send employees off to different cities or countries for work purposes knows how important it can be to keep spending under control, and get an accurate accounting of those expenditures. The big problem, for many years, was the lack of time and oversight that sending an employee abroad necessitated. Filling out forms or excel sheets to annotate every single expenditure was a time consuming process, and it would actively interfere with the job at hand if it happened during the business trip. This usually meant relegating the very necessary expense report to after the trip was over, using up more time for both the employee and the financial staff.

The Modern Solution

Today, thanks to the smartphone, employees have on hand a powerful computing device with networking capabilities. Modern expense report software, like ExpensePoint, recognizes and takes advantage of this situation.

Current smartphones are powerful enough to house complete expense report software. With a dedicated app that recognizes the interface requirements of a smartphone, it’s now possible for employees to file an item/expenditure within moments of the transaction. Thanks to the camera built into phones, receipts no longer have to be kept and collated since a photograph can be taken as the receipt is issued. And because of the online nature of phones, once an individual entry has been made, it can be automatically uploaded to a database that anyone in any office can quickly access, review and approve.

Faster & Simpler

This has two big benefits for a company. Employees using a phone app to make expense reports save time and stress by quickly filing individual expenses in just a few moments as they happen. And they no longer have to keep a pile of receipts on hand to associate with each individual transaction at a later date. For financial staff, it’s no longer necessary to wait until after a trip is over and a complete report is submitted before that report can be assessed and approved. It can be done item by item over the course of the trip.

This makes expense report easier and more efficient for everyone, and that means better results.