Expense Reports on the Go

Expense Reports on the Go

Expense Reports on the GoTraveling for business is hectic. Within a period of a few hours, your employees must take a cab, deal with the TSA, be herded onto a plane, take another cab, check into a hotel room, and then take yet another cab to get to the meeting on time. Travel expenses add up quickly within a very short period of time. Your employee may not remember, or may not even have the time, to keep track of all the receipts for these travel expenses.

When it’s time to fill out an expense report, there are bound to be inaccuracies in the report. Accounting and financial staff must waste time inquiring after these inaccuracies. Your employee must waste time trying to account for the inaccuracies. All of this is money lost for your company.

Automated Expense Report Software Can Help

With automated expense report software, your employee, and your accounting department, can keep track of the travel expenses in real time. Using automated expense report software, your employee can use his or her mobile device to record expenses as they are incurred. Your employee can also take photos of receipts and link them to the appropriate expenses, eliminating the all too common problem of lost receipts.

Another great feature of automating expense reporting is the ability to link credit card data directly to the software. After linking corporate or personal credit cards to the expense report software, your employee can view credit card charges as they are made, and assign the charges related to travel expenses to the appropriate expense report.

The process can be as simple as clicking on a charge, filling out the necessary extra details, such as the business purpose of the charge and the participants, and uploading the report for review and approval.

Offline Report Creation

A common problem with traveling, especially international, is the lack of a reliable internet connection. Good automated expense report software should have an offline report creation feature. With this feature, your employee can record his travel expenses as they are incurred even without an internet connection, and the report will be synced or uploaded when an internet connection becomes available again.

By automating your expense report system, your business will be able to keep better track of travel expenses, improve workflow related to expense reporting, and waste less employee time and company money on a necessary, but no value added aspect of your business.