Expense Reports - In the mobile world

Expense Reports – In the mobile world

ExpensePoint announces multi-platform mobile app development. Bringing expense report automation right where travelers are.

expensepoint-travelerOn September 1st 2011 ExpensePoint’s development team announced that it was starting the beginning phases of its multi-platform expense report mobile application. The ExpensePoint team started off the process by polling existing clients to determine which mobile phones where the most popular amongst its global client base. “We wanted to first understand the user percentage of smart phone usage as well as the break-down of mobile phone types, specifically for iPhone, Blackberry and Android operating system platforms” – reports Paul Ansloos, ExpensePoint Director of Global Sales. “It was an interesting process and we found that within our client base the usage between all three platforms was almost shared equally.”

Mobile Expense Reporting

‘ExpensePoint mobile‘ is expected to launch by December 2011 for iPhone, Blackberry and Android as well ExpensePoint will launch a smart phone browser version. “We are extremely excited about the upcoming launch of ExpensePoint mobile and so are our clients. Customers will not only be able to create expense reports, but also manage their credit card transactions, manage receipt imaging and also approvers will also be able to approve reports from their devices” Paul Ansloos reports.

ExpensePoint is an online automated expense report software program that streamlines the full expense report life cycle. For more information on how to automate your expense report process please visit www.expensepoint.com