Expense Reports Sometimes Need A Fine Touch

Expense Reports Sometimes Need A Fine Touch

Expense Reports Sometimes Need A Fine TouchThere are a lot of reasons why expense reports can be such a headache for both employees and finance departments. These are detailed documents that attempt to accurately record every business expense incurred during what is one of the most hectic activities of all, a business trip with a deadline. Good expense report software can make a huge difference in how easy and how quickly these expense reports can be processed, but even with that kind of efficiency, this is still not a promise that every single expense report submitted will be perfect.

And that’s why you need good control options with your software

It Doesn’t Have To Be The Whole Report

In a perfect world, an expense report approval process would be binary; either it is approved, or it isn’t. But the real world is rarely that simple. Often, the unexpected will come up, and a situation needs to be accounted for that wasn’t anticipated.

For example, there can be an accident during a business trip to Calcutta, where clothing gets liquid spilled on it, or even torn just before a business meeting is to occur. The problem is dealt with by a streetside vendor providing fast, quality service, but the nature of the work means there’s no receipt to produce. The employee writes up the expense as accurately as possible, but there’s no documentation to back this up.

If, in a less flexible system, this item came up, despite the fact that every other expense was documented and the employee’s record was spotless, this one discrepancy could mean an entire expense report gets declined. However, with more robust systems, like the ones included in our own ExpensePoint expense report software, it’s possible for individual items to be flagged and declined or investigated, rather than declining an entire report and causing more lost time and headaches for everyone.

This kind of line-by-line editing control is essential in a real world situation where expenses may not always line as neatly as we’d like. It gives everyone far more options about how to handle a situation when the unpredictable occurs and needs a response.