Expense Tracking – On My iPad

Expense Tracking – On My iPad

ExpensePoint announces that it is now supporting Ipad’s native browser.

expensepoint-ipadOn November 30th 2011 ExpensePoint’s development team announced that it is now supporting the iPad’s native IOS 5 version Safari browser. ‘We are very pleased to now support the Safari browser for the iPad as we are aware of the ever increasing usage of tablet PC’s in the corporate arena’ reports ExpensePoint’s Director of Global Sales and Marketing, Paul Ansloos.

Expense Reporting On Your iPad Browser – Mobility Step One

Offering support for the iPad iOS 5 Safari browser is a significant move especially as more and more corporate travelers are travelling with more mobile devices such as iPad tablet PC’s and other handheld devices. “We simply see this as ‘step one’ to ExpensePoint meeting the increased demands of mobility and corporate expense reporting” explains Ansloos. “We are in the process of developing mobile apps for the Apple, Blackberry and Android mobile platforms, which when released will allow for even more functionality such as receipt image capturing which when activated will allow a user to take a snapshot of their receipt image and associate it to a single line item.”

Such a function with the iPad’s Safari browser is not available because Apple restricts access to its file system via its browser and therefore the browser is not able to pick up images stored on its local iPad file system. This kind of functionality will be available with the soon to be released application.

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