ExpensePoint – Also Used For Non-Traditional Travel Expenses Reporting

laptopWe are experiencing growth with new clients using ExpensePoint to not only log typical travel related expense reports, but also for capturing a whole host of other types of expenses.

“We are certainly seeing growth with companies starting to use ExpensePoint to capture other types of expensable items”, reports ExpensePoint’s Director of Global Sales, Paul Ansloos. “For example we have chain store retailers using ExpensePoint to record in-store petty cash expenses. Where store employees will create a weekly or monthly report and will account for all expenses either incurred directly by the employee or by the use of petty cash and ExpensePoint makes it much simpler for them to record these expenses.”

Company employees who procure goods or services are usually issued purchasing cards and can easily assign expenses to an expense report using ExpensePoint. “It makes sense” says Ansloos “an expense is an expense whether it be an expense for an airline ticket or an expense for a computer purchase at the end of the day they have to all be accounted for and logged into the same back office accounting system. Why not put them all on an expense report? It makes it so much easier for the employees making the expense and also accounting departments and ultimately provides greater purchasing accountability”

ExpensePoint – the ultimate expense tracker

ExpensePoint can be used to track any kind of expense, such as travel related expenses, MRO (maintenance, repair and overhaul), merchant petty cash, mileage, office supplies, hardware, software and the list goes on. Companies are starting to see the benefits of using ExpensePoint by broadening their use of the system because simply put…they can! But more than that, by doing so they save time and money if creating a more efficient environment for each user involved within the purchasing process.

ExpensePoint saves time, money and adds excellent value to your expense management process. You can automate your expense report process by going to www.expensepoint.com