ExpensePoint – T&E System

Reviewed on October 30, 2013 by George Kokkinos, Senior Director of Finance and Strategy at L’Occitane, Inc.


Comments: ExpensePoint integrated travel and expense software solution helped us save time and control spending  from pre-trip approval all the way through payment and reporting. The integration created a very friendly and convenient process for staff members who submit expense reports, and it alleviates the workload of the finance staff, and the electronic process supports our goal of reducing our consumption of paper. Furthermore:

  1.  The system helped all approvers reduce errors
  2.  Our organizations T&E policies are configured into the solution
  3.  Reporting and visibility: our personalized dashboard gives us extraordinary visibility over all information on travel & expense
  4.  Provided flexible training options that can be tailored to meet our users¿ individual needs a and timelines
  5.  Free our IT office to manage our technology instead of training our users on the system
  6.  Immediate realization of ROI

We were able to deploy the software very quickly. The on-going support has been excellent. Software exceeded original expectations