How Should You Get Your Employees To Switch?

How Should You Get Your Employees To Switch?

How Should You Get Your Employees To Switch?The benefits of a good expense report system are obvious at the management level, but while there are obvious long term advantages, there’s still one hurdle to overcome; making your employees adopt a new system.

It’s easy to see why this could be a problem. Employees like predictability, and once they’ve gotten used to a system, there can be some resistance to abandoning it. So if you’ve decided to take the plunge and modernise your travel spending with good expense report software, how can you sell it to the people that have to use it?

Explain The Benefits

If you talk good sense, your employees will come around. You may be using an old fashioned paper form system that requires filling out reports, and stapling receipts. You may have them sitting at the computers at the end of a trip, looking at receipts and inputting numbers into a spreadsheet cell. Show them they don’t have to do this anymore. Explain how easy it is to use an app and take a photo with a phone instead. Show how using the company credit card means they have to do ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. It’s all in the background now.

Implement It Carefully

As with any new thing—especially something like a business trip where money is on the line—don’t just jump into this. Ease employees into it, let them get practice with the new system. If you like you can even turn it into a project where you take the employees out to lunch and let them try the receipt imaging technique once the bill arrives.

Reward Them For Adoption

Once your employees get familiar with the system and start using it reliably, show your appreciation. Adoption will be much faster if the system is not only easy to use, but there are employee rewards for being diligent about that use. Whether it’s letting people leave early, providing some kind of bonus in the way of coupons or gift certificates, or increasing the spending allowance of employees who travel and have proven reliable, make sure they know their efforts haven’t gone unnoticed.