Getting Maximum Versatility For Your Expense Reports

Getting maximumYour employees likely use expense reports on a constant basis if they’re always on the go. Getting the job done is important for your business, and making sure that they aren’t forced to pay for everything out of pocket is important for them. Filing a report when they return from a trip is the main way to keep track of what’s happening in expenditures, but the old-fashioned way of doing it manually has almost vanished. That’s because software designed for expense reporting has taken over, offering a streamlined process, increased productivity, reduced errors, and a user friendly interface.


But you’ll still want to take a close look at what’s out there. The best programs for expense reports offer you a wide range of features as well as versatility in where, when, and how they can be used. In particular, options like ExpensePoint that offer you and your employees the chance to use the software online or offline deserve extra attention.


First, it’s worth looking at why online functionality matters. When your employees have access to the program through the internet, they can upload their expense reports while on the go from their laptop or any other computer. And the best ones even allow mobile access, letting them use their smart phones or tablet devices to upload their reports. This gives them much more convenience and eliminates the need to keep a confusing pile of receipts and notebook entries.


It helps you, too. You’ll be able to log in and approve expenses, set up automation, and review what’s happening in the field right from your home or office computer. That way you can quickly get an idea as to who is spending what, and determine whether or not changes need to be made to your policy.


Online has plenty of options that make it the preferred choice, but going offline with it matters as well. For example, being able to upload their expense reports while on an airplane or in another no-internet zone can help employees still get their work done. Then, when they reach internet service, the system can connect and put their reports into the system. Some parts of the world your team may work in could lack internet service as well, which means that your program should work whether it’s online or offline.


There are plenty of other features available in good programs that help you and your employees with solid expense reporting functionality. You can view a total list of features online at sites like, but before you look at anything else it’s in your best interests to make sure you’re looking at a program that offers online and offline functionality.