Global Travel Expense Report Software Needs To Come With World Class Support

Global Travel Expense Report Software Needs To Come With World Class Support

Global Travel Expense Report Software Needs To Come With World Class SupportGenerally speaking, there are two different approaches when it comes to enterprise software:

1. “Do It Yourself”

Companies with a “do it yourself” approach to implementing and using their software assume that you have an in-house IT team that can provide every answer. They may consider giving you full support as an add-on service, but in general, it will not be an organisational priority.

2. Full-Service Support

Full-service support is the best approach for software that has an unusual function or will help you handle sensitive data, such as expense report information. With full support, you can be assured of help if you run into difficulties using the software as expected.

If you want to get the most value from software for travel expense report purposes, it should be relatively intuitive and easy to use. However, it also needs to be flexible enough to reflect the expensing policies that you’ve put into place, which may mean some features are complex.

Bringing Robust Features Down To Earth In Travel Expense Report Software

Everyone learns in a different way, so there should be several forms of support that are available. Likewise, methods of support should suit the needs of your business — whether phone, email, or some other methods are preferred.

Full documentation should also be provided. While most users will not read every bit of software documentation they come across, several users will need to understand every aspect of the software. Thus, a manual in printed or digital format is key.

For other users, who will only need to understand the most common topics, a searchable knowledgebase is an effective answer. In emergency situations — when the software is not working as planned or not providing the expected value — members of a dedicated in-house support team should be available from your vendor.

When all of these factors are in place, it’s a good bet that a software company is serious about a great user experience.

Protect Your Expensing Compliance With Software Backed By The Human Element

When it comes to something as important as an expense report and processing it correctly, support is the key. Before you get involved with any enterprise that promises to provide you with “the best” service in these sensitive compliance areas, be sure that you can be certain a company will go above and beyond to help you when you need it.